Epson Releases its New Minilab Photo Printer

Epson Releases its New Minilab Photo Printer

Epson Releases New Minilab Photo Printer

Epson Releases its New Minilab Photo PrinterEpson has released its SureLab® D570  professional minilab photo printer to further support the event photography market.

According to Epson, the new release can offer high-quality photo printing and provides a versatile solution for printing brilliant small-format photos on demand, making it ideal for the event, hospitality, kiosk, and retail environments.

“It’s such a special memory when event sites are able to offer a photo for consumers to take with them, and the new SureLab makes that easier than ever,” said Aaron Brill, associate product manager, Professional Imaging, Epson America, Inc. “Designed for portability without sacrificing quality, the SureLab D570 is the ideal affordable solution for low- to mid-volume, small-format photo printing for any on-site event, photo kiosk or tourist destination.”

Epson Releases its New Minilab Photo Printer

The SureLab D570 minilab has a small footprint and features the latest in professional imaging technology, coupling Epson’s advanced MicroPiezo AMC printhead with vivid UltraChrome D6r-S ink to consistently deliver crisp, vibrant pictures. With low power consumption, the printer is energy efficient enough to be powered by a user-provided portable battery, for easy event printing on-site. The SureLab D570 prints high-quality 4”x6” photos in seconds, allowing businesses to provide customers with the photos they want on demand, at virtually any time.

Engineered to be lightweight and portable, the minilab printer is easy to carry to on-site events. In addition, with a stackable design, businesses can scale and add more printers to keep up with customer demand. For improved usability, the SureLab D570 features built-in wireless connectivity as well as simplified software for creating professional prints with either the minilab’s redesigned printer driver or a smartphone.

Additional features include:

  • Outstanding photographic quality – high-quality prints using Epson’s MicroPiezo AMC printhead and AccuPhoto image processing and screening technology
  • Zero cartridge waste – UltraChrome D6r-S high-capacity 70 mL ink bottles (sold separately) deliver a wide color gamut and low operating costs; 6-color dye-based ink set for vibrant water-, smudge- and fade-resistant prints
  • Versatile connectivity – easily connect to and control one or multiple printers over Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB
  • Simplified software – create professional prints using the redesigned printer driver for Windows or Mac, or with your smartphone app
  • Engineered for reliability – robust print engine is backed by Epson U.S.-based support team and limited warranty
  • Epson Cloud Solution PORT – monitor the live status of an entire printer fleet regardless of location; view output production rates, printer status, errors, and more.



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