HYB Launches Independent Spanish Website

HYB Launches Independent Spanish Website

HYB Launches Independent Spanish Website

HYB Launches Independent Spanish WebsiteTo continuously enhance its marketing strength in Spanish-speaking countries, HYB launched its Spanish website.

With the new website, customers can get direct market information rather than a translation of news and products release from its English website.

The company claims that it recruited local professionals to write news stories and articles so as to ensure customers will get easy access to the most updated HYB news.

Since 2018, HYB has been enhancing its marketing strength in Spanish speaking countries where HYB targeted dealers look for premium toner as OEM product replacement. The expansion of HYB international sales team enabled Spanish speaking customers to better experience HYB’s quality and service. “From then on, HYB has developed new distributor relationship in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador etc. and witnessed the growing popularity in these regions,” so says the spokesman of the company.

“You are welcome to visit our Spanish website for further updates and feel free to talk with our Sales Professionals who can speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese,” the spokesman continues.

South America (Spanish speaking)

LATAM Sales Manager: Omar Moreno

Email: Omar@haoyinbao.com


Central & South America (Portuguese speaking)

Business Development Manager: Andres Rubio

Email: andres@haoyinbao.com



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