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Berto’s pokes fun at modern printers.

Printer OEMs continue to add new functions to their printers. This has been due to the demands and needs of consumers including scanning, duplexing, security and privacy and … driving to work while having breakfast!!??

Today, you no longer have a 35kg desktop printer sitting in the office as you would have done 30 years ago. Nor do you have to pay US$4,500 as you did at the time. You can get a much lighter and cheaper printer along with duplexing, an automatic document feeder (ADF), scanning, mobile connectivity and security ID features. They can also print in color and up to 100 pages per minute. Security has become a hot issue for many consumers, business and government because printers attached to a network and the internet are a gateway to hackers having access to you your company systems and data.


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