Copier Solutions—The New Opportunity for Growth

5 Questions: Copier Solutions—The New Opportunity for Growth

5 Questions: Copier SolutionsThe New Opportunity for Growth

Copier Solutions—The New Opportunity for GrowthEdward Chen, Director of Copier Management at Ninestar’s Print Consumables BU, shares his insights on copier products in the following questions.

  • Why does Ninestar expand to copier solutions?

As a global one-stop printing solutions provider, Ninestar has accumulated notable technology expertise in the past 20 years. Our global customer network and collaboration with Lexmark and Pantum have laid a good foundation for Ninestar to enter the field of copier products. Starting from remanufactured toner cartridges, Ninestar gradually expanded to a whole product range including components, refurbished copiers, and MPS products.

Copier Solutions—The New Opportunity for GrowthSensed that shifting to copier products will be a trend in the future, Ninestar hopes to provide new opportunities to our partners through this new business and support their sustainable development.

  • What advantages does Ninestar have in manufacturing copier products?

Copier products are mainly for the rental MPS market, whose users are mainly large enterprises and/or government institutions. They have higher demands for patent safety and environment-friendliness. At the same time, copiers are various, while the install base of each type is relatively small. It is not cost-effective for many manufacturers to develop self-patented new-built copier products. To kill those two birds- patent safety and environment-friendliness, choosing the stone of remanufacturing is the best option.

Thanks to our complete recycling chain, Ninestar can meet various customer needs, either in environment-friendliness or patent safety. With core partners all over the world, Ninestar can stock and serve customers locally.

Lexmark and Pantum also created a synergy effect for Ninestar to enter the new field. In addition, Ninestar has a broad channel to continuously provide quality toners, chips and recycled materials to customers in accordance with different needs.

  • How does Ninestar control quality?

Copier Solutions—The New Opportunity for Growth“Good product, good service” is our brand philosophy. We use recycled empties so as to make sure that the product is equivalent to the OEM’s in patent and environment requirements, as well as functions. We also use the 100% reman toner powders to provide customers with the lowest possible cost per page, assessing from transfer rate, toner consumption, machine damage level and pollution level, etc. Apex’s chip technology enables us to use original chips after resetting which are the best choice in stability and responding capacity to firmware upgrades.

Moreover, to ensure product quality meets the practical needs of the device providers and service providers, we test and monitor consumables comprehensively through MPS software imitating service scenarios at the customer end.

  • Why do you think copier products are the new growth engine?

Due to the ever fierce competition in recent years, all have been looking for new opportunities. As we all know, copier consumables are one of the core profitable businesses for OEMs. Copier products are MPS-based products which means the OEMs not only sell consumables but also the services needed alongside. It brings huge and steady profits continuously within the contract period.

Under this circumstance, we believe we can provide a new business for our partners through copier products, and make good use of their local advantages. With the completion of Ninestar’s MPS business model in the future, we will conduct localized MPS, which will, in return, provide more opportunities for our partners.

  • What is your vision for Ninestar copier products?

In the future, Ninestar will continue to optimize and complete its copier consumables production lines, while remanufacturing copiers. It is our aim to provide the best overall alternatives for copiers, regarding devices or components or toners. Through our NDMS software and the MPS product system, we expect to share with our partners the huge profits of the MPS market.

To know the production lines of Ninestar’s copier solutions, contact

*The Spanish version of this article will be published in our latest Spanish magazine soon. 



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