How Important is Branding?

How Important is Branding?

How Important is Branding?

How Important is Branding?Linda Fan, Senior Vice General Manager, Ninestar Image

Branding helps a supplier build a strong alliance with its partner distributors to achieve win-win results. To have satisfied customers you must be able to meet their needs. You must keep growing, being innovative and persistent if you really want to build a brand that will last. A good brand will ensure your customers know you, recognize you and subscribe to you. That’s how everyone can experience win-win.


How Important is Branding?Helena Huang, Marketing Director, Ninestar Image

The goal of marketing is to build a brand that positions you ahead of your competition. It should instill value and trust in the mind of the customer so that they will become loyal, follow you and buy from you every time. Think of the top brands in the world. They all possess this strength. Consumers also yearn for the same value and trust with imaging consumables so they can enjoy an enhanced printing experience.


How Important is Branding?Johson Qiang, Vice general manager of Print Consumables BU, Ninestar Corporation

Brand includes so many elements including quality, cost-performance, service, position, activation, reputation, difference, solace, resonance, promise, and conviction. As such, branding may well be one of the toughest causes to pursue in the world. It takes years, even generations to achieve. If a brand is to be successful in the imaging space, it needs to provide users with a simple, reliable, affordable, and sustainable experience that allows them the freedom to be creative. It’s worth doing, and worth doing well.


How Important is Branding?Grace Cheng,  Director of Planning Department, Ninestar Corporation

For me, branding is all about trust. You build brand just as you would a tower with building blocks. It requires building blocks of trust, dedication, commitment, and continuous investment. This will take time. To this end, I help build brand by sourcing the best resources that you would expect a multi-national company and technology leader to gather. You achieve this by exceeding the expectations of your customers as you deliver products and services.


*This article, “How Important is Branding?” is also published on pages 11 of RT ImagingWorld magazine which can be downloaded for free.

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