Ninestar Offers 360 o Virtual Factory Tour

Ninestar Offers 360 Virtual Factory Tour

Ninestar Offers 360 Virtual Factory Tour

Ninestar Offers 360 o Virtual Factory TourTo meet customer needs for an efficient and economical way to visit its factory under the pandemic, Ninestar has offered a 360o virtual factory tour since March 2020.

“It means that customers and potential buyers could ‘virtually visit’ the factory and enjoy a simulated physical presence, no matter where they are in the world. All they need is the Internet,” said the spokesperson of Ninestar.

Ninestar claims that it has updated the virtual tour experience with three additional features:

  • Ink factory

The advanced lab where engineers analyse OEM inks as well as Ninestar’s own formulations

Ninestar put solar panels on the rooves of the buildings to capture efficient, economical energy from the sun to help run the factories

Ninestar’s advanced sewage treatment station turns water contaminated by inks during the cartridge cleaning process into clean water

Ninestar manufactures and remanufactures its globally recognized brand of printing supplies in a 450,000-square-meter industrial park, opened in 2013.

Click here to start the virtual factory tour, or contact for more information.



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