Final: Ninestar Reports Strong Growth for First Half  

Final: Ninestar Reports Strong Growth for First Half

Final: Ninestar Reports Strong Growth for First HalfAccording to, Ninestar operating income turned out to be RMB 9.90 billion (US$1.52 billion), up 0.19% compared to the same period from last year. Operating profit increased 13.93% year-over-year to RMB 691.93 million (US$106.56 million), while total profit increased 20.17% year-over-year to RMB758.90 million (US$117.15 million). Net profit attributable to shareholders from the listed company was RMB 425.88 million (US$65.60 million), up 18.66% year-over-year.

By the end of the reporting period, Ninestar total assets turned out to be RMB 37.74 billion (US$5.81 billion), down 1.27% compared to the beginning of the reporting period. Interests attributable to shareholders from the listed company were RMB 8.89 billion (US$1.37 billion), up 9.14% compared to the beginning of the reporting period.

  • Lexmark Printer Business

For the first half-year, Lexmark operating revenue was about US$1.05 billion, up 4.73% year-over-year. When converted into Chinese currency, Lexmark revenue decreased 3.8% year-over-year, due to the appreciation of Chinese currency.

By the end of June 30, the original book value of Lexmark’s goodwill is about RMB 11.6 billion (US$1.77 billion). With the gradual control of the epidemic, the European and American markets have shown an obvious recovery trend. Lexmark and its enterprise-level strategic partners have achieved shipments, and the MPS business renewal rate has further stabilized. Lexmark profitability continues to improve, cash flow is also improved, and the risk of impairment of goodwill is further decreased.

  • Pantum Printer

During the reporting period, the global shipments and revenue of Pantum printers maintained steady growth, with shipments up over 50% year-on-year, and shipments of original consumables continued to report fast and rapid growth, up over 90% year-on-year.

Pantum’s operating income in the first half-year was approximately RMB 1.86 billion (US$286.45 million), a year-on-year increase of approximately 151.40%. Net profit was approximately RMB 351.51 million (US$54.14 million), a year-on-year increase of about 764.61%.

At present, Pantum has achieved both shipment volume and market share growth for seven consecutive years. The volume and price of the commercial market have risen, and the profitability has been increasing.

  • Apex Microchip Business

During the reporting period, Apex chip (including Geehy Semiconductor) shipments totalled approximately 215 million, a year-on-year decrease of approximately 7%. Operating income is approximately RMB 680.93 million (US$104.87 million), down about 4.04% year-over-year. Net profit turned out to be about RMB 339.52 million (US$52.29 million), up about 20.57% year-over-year.

Despite the fall in aftermarket consumable chip shipment, Apex chips reported rapid growth in sales volume and revenue, driven by the short supply with IoT products. Under the circumstance of wafer shortage globally, Apex fully demonstrated its core competitiveness with remarkable year-over-year growth in profitability.

  • Aftermarket consumables business

Ninestar aftermarket consumables business (including all subsidiaries) achieved an operating income of RMB 2.49 billion (US$383.50 million), increasing 2.92% year-over-year. During the reporting period, net profit turned out to be RMB 102.56 million (US$15.80 million), down 51.11%.

Ninestar compatible ink cartridges sales increased significantly, driven by household demands, while current sales fell. Compatible cartridge shipments increased 10% year-over-year, with domestic sales revenue up 30% year-over-year. Remanufactured cartridge shipments increased 238% compared with the same period from last year. However, Ninestar aftermarket consumables business experienced a temporary decline, due to the combined impact caused by factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, rising prices of bulk materials, and transportation costs, and etc.



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