More Static Control Products Granted Green Certification

Products carrying the Nordic Ecolabel, normally called Nordic Swan, must meet extremely high environmental standards.
Aftermarket suppliers Static Control, for the second time in 2014, announced additional toner (Stock Keeping Units) SKUs have fulfilled the environmental and climate criteria of this environmentally compliant certification.

The Nordic Ecolabel aims to “encourage manufacturers to develop environmentally sound products and services” and to contribute to “sustainable consumption.” To acquire the green certification, a life-cycle perspective of the product is analyzed, i.e., the product’s impact on the environment from raw material/source to waste. Criteria is also set with regard to quality, health aspects and performance/functionality, according to

Ken Lalley, Sales Director for Static Control said, “Sustainability has always been at the heart of this industry, being based on the premise of reusing and reducing waste. We know that the environmental benefits of remanufactured cartridges are one of the reasons consumers choose to buy them, and we will continue to assist our customers in promoting the green message as much as we can.

“The Nordic Ecolabel serves as an excellent marketing tool in communicating to end users that each accredited cartridge is environmentally sound, as well as strengthening the quality image of the remanufacturer’s brand.” Lalley added.

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