Industry Road Show 2014 Kicked off Across China

More than 100 Speakers, 3,000 manufacturers and distributors, as well as 5.000 company leaders in the printing industry will join a China Road Show performed by Recycling Times on April 24, 2014. The show, stopping at 25 main cities in China, will provide a platform for people to discuss the situation of the print consumable industry.

At the opening ceremony of the China Road Show held by Recycling Times on April 24, 6 speakers shared their ideas for the e-commence market with more than 100 leading companies.

Sam Ho, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager of Recycling Times, said, “More than 3,000 companies will come to our road show in China. The sales volume of these companies reaches RMB 30 billion yuan annually. The show can be expected as a platform sparking inspiration for company leaders to work on their business strategies. Further, this might help their (combined) annual sales volume to reach RMB 50 billion, or even100 billion.”

Mr. Dang, Business Director for the Shanghai Office of Beijing Pantum, revealed, “Due to the boost of the e-commence business, the aftermarket print consumable industry sharply declined in the past two years on the Shanghai market. The leading aftermarket players, such as Print-Rite and G&G, have maintained a major position in this region for a long time. In the past two years, their sales volume of entity stores accounted for only 20% to 30% of the total volume in this market. However, the market penetration of e-commence has increased to 40% or 50%. The other 20% market share will continue to be occupied by the purchase orders from big customers of the industry.”


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