Zhono Introduces TestEasy Mini Resetter for Instant Reset

Zhono Introduces TestEasy Mini Resetter for Instant Reset

Market research shows that customers engaged in machine rental and remanufacturing businesses seek solutions that offer simplicity, speed, and high performance. With over a decade of expertise in compatible chips for printers and copiers, Zhono has consistently determined and prioritized customer needs. Responding to the latest market demands, we’ve introduced the TestEasy Mini Resetter for Epson printers. The TestEasy Mini Resetter is a compact, efficient solution designed to streamline the reset processes and enhance productivity.

  • Portable Resetter: Model Identification, Plus Reset in One Second

Zhono’s pocket-sized resetter for Epson printers enables a one-second reset in many scenarios. The resetter consists of three main parts: a display screen, identification pins, and the USB port. The resetter offers an effortless and fast operation: simply align the identification pins with the contacts on the chip and press the pins to the end to complete the reset in one second.

In addition, this resetter supports model identification, thereby quickly confirming the model, to improve efficiency and speed of the reset.

  • A Wide Range of Models

Zhono’s TestEasy Mini Resetter for Epson printers supports resetting and identifying 90% of the chip models in a series, including the 5290/5390/Grow/GAGA series, meeting the model requirements of various users. For more models, please contact your sales representative or send an email to info@zhono.com.

  • Resetting Chips with 0%Yield

When the chip yield drops below 20%, many resetters on the market cannot support resetting. This not only wastes remaining chip yield, but also requires users to frequently monitor chip yield, increasing daily workload. Our TestEasy Mini Resetter breaks through this limitation, supporting a reset even when the chip yield is completely depleted to 0%, and thereby allowing the chip to function as well as a brand new one.

  • Your Green Choice

Zhono consistently practices environmentally friendly principles and supports the circular economy. By resetting chips, we achieve chip reuse, reducing electronic waste. This not only helps lower costs but also contributes positively to the earth’s environment. Choosing Zhono’s chip resetter means opting for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business practice.

The new product takes the various drawbacks of traditional resetters into consideration and aims to propel business efficiency and workflow speed. Zhono promises a more convenient, fast and sustainable user experience.

For detailed information about this and more products of Zhono, please visit their official website or contact info@zhono.com directly.



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