Epson Adds DS-900WN to A4 Scanner Line-up

Epson Adds DS-900WN to A4 Scanner Line-up

Epson Adds DS-900WN to A4 Scanner Line-up

Epson has proudly introduced the next-generation A4 scanner, the DS-900WN, with high scanning speed and stable compatibility to network, which is scheduled to be launched in July 25.

Epson Introduces A4 Scanner DS-900WN

Digitalization is becoming a standard requirement for businesses due to the growing demands for efficiency, environmental friendliness, and business continuity plan (BCP). Hence, scanners with potent functions will be a necessity for most companies that handle substantial amount of document on a daily basis. Epson’s latest offering intend to resolve this issue and achieve more with its unique features.

Increased Productivity

As per the basic requirement for scanners, the DS-900WN boast an impressive speed of 140 pages per minute. Its large capacity also allows it to process documents up to 11,000 documents per day, with an automatic document feeder that can accommodate a maximum 100 papers. Despite its robust functionality, the device is rather compact and won’t take up much space.

Simplified Workflow

Unlike traditional models, the DS-900WN can scan documents and send data to other users within the network without using computers. This can all be done on its panel, which can access external software thanks to the newly-introduced Epson Open Platform. Users can operate the machine easily on a UI they are familiar with even if they use the machine for the first time. Additionally, the DS-900WN, together with other Epson series copiers and MFPs, can synchronize their settings with each other, saving the time for managing multiple devices.

Epson Introduces A4 Scanner DS-900WN

Secure Verification

Responding to the increasing concerns about network security, Epson has introduced the verification system to this model. In addition to a normal system verified by IC card and user account, the device also features an optional Epson Print Admin Serverless function, enabling more advanced options in a server-less environment. Moreover, administrators can limit the range of functions and addresses users can access to avoid misoperations.



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