Epson Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

Epson Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

Epson Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

Epson America announced its collaboration to integrate its business printers with the Microsoft’s Universal Print service, providing remote printing support via an Epson-developed bridge.

Epson Partners with Universal Print by Microsoft

The Epson bridge for Universal Print combines Microsoft’s cloud print service, Universal Print, and Epson’s cloud service, Epson Connect. This bridge enables employees to access Epson printers remotely and print to a home or shared printer. IT administrators can also make use of the service to monitor the printing environment and manage printing device of their company with greater ease.

The service will be available to users of both Epson business printers and Microsoft 365, applicable to all Epson business inkjet printers, MFPs, and home printers that support Epson Connect. However, some newer solutions that are natively supported by Microsoft will not require the Epson bridge for Universal Print.

“Cloud printing is a necessity in the modern era of business printing, and Epson, by design, is ingrained to engineer reliable solutions for all workplaces,” said Elliot Williams, director of product marketing, Epson America, Inc. “With so many businesses operating on the Microsoft platform, the bridge to Universal Print underscores Epson’s commitment to ensuring that our customers have a seamless printing experience and IT administrators can easily support all devices in a single cloud environment.”



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