Industry Cartoonist to be Honored at VIP Expo in South America, Humberto Valenzuela

Industry Cartoonist to be Honored at VIP Expo in South America

Industry Cartoonist to be Honored at VIP Expo in South America

Industry Cartoonist to be Honored at VIP Expo in South AmericaIn June, Humberto Valenzuela, better known worldwide as Berto, will be presented with an achievement award for his 11 years of service to the printer and imaging supplies industry.

Since 2013, Berto has contributed a monthly cartoon about printers, copiers, inks, toners, or papers. Not many industries can boast of having a cartoonist dedicated to consistently and poking fun at it in multiple languages, including English, Chinese and his native Spanish language.

The once barbed bard of cartoons in a leading Sydney daily newspaper, he retired back to his homeland of Chile in South America more than two decades ago.

Now in his eighties, Berto will be honored during the RT VIP Imaging Expo on June 17. The first of three one-day events will be held in Santiago, Chile, and it will be a great opportunity for exhibitors, visitors, and event organisers to honor the cheeky artist.

“Old cartoonists never die—they just continue to draw on life!” said David Gibbons, Comexposium Recycling Times (C-RT) director of international events and communications. Gibbons has known Berto since 1980 when they were both based in Sydney. “I am looking forward to seeing my dear friend again in person, in his home city. He has contributed to our industry for over a decade.”

“I am looking forward to meeting some of the industry people when this expo comes to Santiago,” said Berto. “I will happily sign some of their favorite cartoons on the spot. I point out the industry’s foibles in my cartoons. Often, a cartoon helps us stand back, look at ourselves, and laugh. A cartoon enables us to see ourselves as others see us.”

The C-RT run RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo will be held in three cities in the Americas between June 17 and 26, 2024, including Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). During these 10 days, the exhibitor delegation will communicate face-to-face with buyers and showcase their tailored products for the American market.

June 2024 event venues and dates:

Santiago, Chile

Lima, Peru

  • Date: June 20, 2024
  • Venue: JW Marriott Lima
  • Address: Malecon de la Reserva 615, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Date: June 25
  • Venue: Novotel Center Norte
  • Address: Avenida Zaki Narchi 500,
  • Vila Guilherme, São Paulo, 02029000, Brazil


The RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo–Americas 2024 assembles numerous outstanding brands and companies, mainly from China, India, South Korea, and the USA.

These companies are committed to providing various products, such as printers and copiers, printing consumables, and chips, to Latin American buyers and distributors.

To learn more about these exhibitors, please refer to the exhibitor list:


Registration and Tickets:

The event requires an invitation for attendance, providing an unparalleled opportunity for selected industry professionals.

Buyers, importers and distributors can obtain free VIP tickets by contacting Gustavo Molinatti:

  • Tel: +54-9-11-4187-5872
  • Email:
  • Please provide the following personal information:
    • Full Name
    • Company name
    • Job title
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address

To exhibit or sponsor, please contact Hester Han:

For more information, please visit here.


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