Konica Minolta Introduces Bizhub C751i MFP

Konica Minolta Introduces Bizhub C751i MFP

Konica Minolta Introduces Bizhub C751i MFP

Konica Minolta announced its latest introduction of the business A3 color multifunctional printers, bizhub C751i Premium, which is scheduled to be launched on June 7 in Japan.

Konica Minolta Introduces Bizhub C751i MFPThe latest offering represents Konica Minolta’s response to five crucial topics the company intend to address, including increasing job values, reacting to climate change and using limited resources effectively. This bizhub C751i Premium can handle not only daily office printing demands, but also in-house tasks such as printing flyers, manuals and business cards. Individuals and businesses from fields of education, construction and medical care can benefit from the robust functionality of this device.

Two Functions in One Device

Equipped with the Fiery image controller, the bizhub C751i Premium can even handle professional graphic tasks through faithful and vivid delivery of colors. For documents with smaller texts, it can guarantee clear output with all detailed preserved completely. Additionally, the SoC (system-on-a-chip) structure of the MFP accelerates the process of compressing, depressing, inputting and outputting data, contributing to work efficiency.

Comprehensive Support of Different Paper

The MFP is incorporated with the self-developed paper type sensor IM-103, which can detect the type of the paper and automatically adjust to the optimal setting for it. In this way, users are free from paper jam caused by selecting paper type mistakenly. Moreover, for paper as heavy as 105g/m², it can still achieve a printing speed of 75 paper per minute, the same performance when handling normal paper.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission

A series of measures are taken to ensure the sustainability of the new model, including applying toner with lower melting point, newly-developed fixing unit, and highly efficient power supply. Power consumption for printing one single A4 document is reduced by 17%. By minimizing the environmental impact the product can have throughout an entire lifecycle, greenhouse gases generated from bizhub C751i Premium’s lifecycle are 8% lower than any previous models.

For the detailed specifications about this product, please visit the official Konica Minolta’s website.



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