Canon Releases New Remanufactured MFP

Canon Releases New Remanufactured MFP

Canon Releases New Remanufactured MFP

Canon recently introduced two new additions to its recycled MFP series Refreshed— imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3530F III-RG and C5550F III-RG.

Canon started its business of remanufacturing MFPs back in 1992, when it commercialized the Refreshed series. By disassembling old machines, cleansing and replacing parts that are worn, Canon promises to produce remanufactured products that enjoy the equally high performance as the original device. This environmental printer series take pride in its highest reuse rate in the industry.

The concept of remanufacturing has been emphasized throughout the entire development process of these products. The new offerings feature designs that are easier to be taken apart and durable for multiple life cycles. For the parts reused, Canon collects data from old machines to determine whether each part is suitable for reuse, thus achieving maximum reuse rate. Additionally, Canon is also developing a standardized platform prototype for the main body. In this way, most parts can be reused as long as they are from the same series of the platform model. These measures allow Canon to increase reuse rate of the two devices to respectively 95.5% and 94%. Carbon footprint is also reduced by 67% and 59% due to the remanufacturing process.

Even for the packaging of the Refreshed series, Canon stresses sustainability as well. Most packaging and cushioning materials are replaced from plastic to cardboard, reducing environmental footprint. For the plastic being used, 83% of it are recyclable, making the best of limited resources.

The two devices are scheduled to be launched respectively in July and August. The new additions of this veritable recycled MFP series underscore Canon’s commitment to social responsibilities and environmental friendliness.



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