Canon Releases Printer Firmware Update

Canon Releases Printer Firmware Update

Canon Releases Printer Firmware Update

Canon Releases Printer Firmware UpdateCanon U.S.A. has announced the detection of potential vulnerabilities related to buffer overflow in several Canon printer models. As a response, the company has promptly released corresponding firmware updates for users to download and install.

According to Canon, certain laser printers and small office multifunctional printers from the imageCLASS MF and imageCLASS LBP series are susceptible to multiple buffer overflow issues when directly connected to the internet. In such scenarios, printers may become vulnerable to arbitrary code execution by third parties or even Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, especially if not connected through a wired or Wi-Fi router.

To mitigate these risks, Canon has provided a link to the latest firmware updates for each affected model and strongly recommends that users install them promptly. If more products are determined with potential vulnerabilities, Canon will issue an updated notice. Furthermore, Canon advises users to configure private IP addresses and utilize printers within a network environment equipped with firewalls or Wi-Fi routers to control network access effectively.

The latest firmware updates primarily address vulnerabilities related to buffer overflow in network devices and RSA Key generation for networks. However, there is no explicit mention of whether these updates will impact the normal usage of third-party cartridges, a concern raised by many customers.

Fortunately, the firmware update is not mandatory but rather a proactive suggestion from Canon. Users have the discretion to decide whether to proceed with the update based on their individual circumstances. Currently, there are no reports of issues regarding bans on cartridge usage after the installation of the latest firmware. For those wary of potential restrictions on third-party cartridges, waiting for reviews before making a final decision is advisable.



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