Zhono Chips Resist Impact from Latest HP Firmware Upgrade

Zhono Chips Resist Impact from Latest HP Firmware Upgrade

Firmware Upgrade

On August 8th, 2023, through customary monitoring, Zhono discovered that HP released the latest firmware for the networked 90X series printers (see figure 1) for models covering 902/903/904/905/90U, and firmware version 2329BR. After testing, Zhono engineers verified that its compatible inkjet chips used in the HP 90X series printers are not impacted by the OEM firmware upgrade and that the chips function correctly on the printers in both previous and current models.


Figure 1

Zhono claims it will continue to monitor firmware upgrades and remain committed to providing customers with safe and reliable chip solutions. For more information about firmware versions, please contact Zhono sales representative.

Zhono Compatible Chips for Use in the HP 90X Series


Figure 2

Previously, Zhono released its resetting/rewriting solution supporting a one-second quick reset without needing to distinguish the OEM chip models.

Zhono claimed the solution also supported the rewriting of random chips. “It can rewrite the chip into any model and yield, ” said the spokesperson of Zhono.

In addition, Zhono said its resetting/rewriting solution could customize extra high yield and MPS software.

Zhono claimed the resetting/rewriting solution for the Kyocera TK3400 series OEM chips was beneficial to toner cartridge remanufacturers or suppliers of office equipment maintenance or leases.



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