Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fujifilm Printers

Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fujifilm Printers

Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fujifilm Printers

On March 7, 2023, Fujifilm launched three Apeos series A3 laser printers (models covering: ApeosPrint 4560S/ApeosPrint 3960S/ApeosPrint 3360S). Compared to other A3 laser printers, this series is the smallest and lightest. The ApeosPrint 3960 S printer and 3360 S printer are easy to install and mainly used for small offices.

Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fujifilm Printers

Zhono Solution

Zhono released compatible chips for the Fujifilm 3360 series:

  • First-to-Market
  • Available in-stock
  • Each chip passed more than 30 tests


New Product List

Zhono Releases Compatible Chips for Fujifilm Printers

Previously, Zhono launched a patented chip solution for Ricoh copiers. Zhono had conducted on-machine tests with various printers, including Ricoh MPC3500, MPC5500, MPC3000, MPC4500, MPC2500, IMC2500, IMC3000, and IMC2510 series. Zhono also compared its patented chip with other compatible chips on the market and found no issues with its chip. Customers can be assured of the quality of Zhono’s chip solution.

“Through our innovative elastic contact design, this solution not only meets the requirements of the connection between chip contacts and the internal printer connection but also reduces the risk of infringing upon OEM patents. Our chip solution has obtained significant certification from a third-party organization in Japan,” said the spokesperson of Zhono.



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