Pantum Introduces A4 Printer Series

Pantum Introduces A4 Printer Series

Pantum Introduces A4 Printer Series

Pantum announced its latest release of the Vibrant 20 Series of A4 color laser printers, a successive series after the previously launched Vibrant 18.

Pantum Introduces A4 Printer Series

Printing speed is a constant feature Pantum takes pride in its products, and the new release is no exception. The rapid speed of 20 pages per minute enable the printer to fit in different scenarios, from office paperwork to art designs.

Thanks to the ceramic heating technology leveraged, this printer boasts both productivity and power efficiency. An extra feature of automatic double-sided printing contributes further to Pantum’s commitment to environmental friendliness by reducing paper wastes.

Pantum Introduces A4 Printer Series

Catering to the diversity of printing environments, the Vibrant 20 Series possess multiple connectivity options, including wired and wireless networks, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. Moreover, supported by AirPrint, Mopira, and Panum App, mobile printing enables users to carry our printing work across space.

With coverage of countries worldwide, Pantum reiterated its dedication to delivering original solutions that are economical, user-friendly, and energy-saving to customers.



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