Pantum Launches New A3 Copiers

Pantum Launches New A3 Copiers

Recently, Pantum launches A3 monochrome and colour copiers it independently developed, which have now entered mass production.


Key Features

Pantum Launches New A3 CopierThe newly launched Pantum A3 copier comprises a total of five MFP models, each with varying printing speeds ranging from 22 to 26 pages per minute (ppm). Equipped with a 100-page automatic document feeder, it eliminates the need for flipping pages manually. This enables the copier to scan at a maximum speed of 30 ppm. Additionally, the copier features a 4.3-inch screen, enabling intelligent printing functionalities.

The diversity of office occasions generates a wide array of user demands. Pantum’s new product aims to cater to these demands by offering a range of functions tailored to different scenarios. These include password printing, USB printing, watermark printing, and cross-page printing, among others. Furthermore, the optional WiFi components allow users to implement remote printing, creating a borderless office environment.


About Pantum

As one of the renowned printer brands in China, Pantum is committed to developing groundbreaking technologies. After successfully introducing the first monochrome laser printer in 2010, Pantum switched its focus to the development of colour printers. It was a major industry challenge at that time due to involvement in scores of interdisciplinary key technologies. Despite various obstacles, Pantum dedicated three years to research and development before eventually achieving the optimal solution.

Developing an A3 imaging engine for copiers requires significantly more effort compared to an A4 engine. The A3 engine must meet essential requirements such as long lifespan, reliability, stability, ease of maintenance, and low costs. Additionally, imaging technology needs to transit from single-component to dual-component. By launching this new model, Pantum has demonstrated its grasp of core technologies required for manufacturing both A4 and A3 printers.



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