G&G Offers New Label Printer Series

G&G Offers New Label Printer Series

G&G’s one-stop shop for print solutions has been providing a profitable and comprehensive product range since 2000. The leadership brand continues to develop products for its customers that meet the global market’s huge, dynamic, and changing demands.

Data reveals that in the past decade, from 2013 to 2022, the demand for thermal label printers continued to grow sharply, with the sales volume increasing by 146%. The total annual production volume of label printers is expected to exceed 100 million units by 2025.

G&G Offers New Label Printer Series

To embrace the ever-growing market segment for label printing, G&G now offers its newly designed label printer series to end-users and consumers in the home, office, and retail sectors.

 New Range of G&G Label Printers Available

G&G takes its industry leadership role seriously by offering reliable and professional label printing solutions. Its self-owned innovative technology in developing and researching label devices enables it to introduce a new range of desktop and portable label printers to the profit market.

Home solution: lightweight, portable, simple to use

G&G’s portable label printers are lightweight by design, allowing end-users to print on the move and on demand. This range supports customized label printing that aligns with their specific needs, to conveniently manage work and life. Click here for printing tips.

G&G Offers New Label Printer Series


Office solution: helping to keep the workplace desk easily organized

Featuring inkless printing by direct thermal technology, the device provides a healthy and environmentally friendly choice to print key data and tags for workgroups. Clear and durable results can be delivered not only on thermal paper but also on regular A4 paper. Click here to explore how to use the device.

G&G Offers New Label Printer Series

Retail solution: money & energy saving

With its user-friendly design, fast printing speed, and easy consumable replacement, this new series is best suited for retail stores and supermarkets. Its long service life and unbeatable quality help users always stay efficient. Click here for the instructions for use.

Here is the key information for the three new label printers:

Model GG-AT 110HW GG-AT 50EW GG-TD810
Printing method 0.5-inch thermal printing 2-inch thermal printing 8-inch thermal printing
Print width Max 15mm 50mm 216mm
Resolution 203dpi 203dpi 300dpi
125*77*25mm 130*85*65mm 315*67*44mm
Consumables Thermal label paper Thermal label paper Thermal label paper/plain paper&ribbon
Connection Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Application Home, office Home, retail, supermarket Home, SOHO

 To learn more about G&G label printers, please email info@ggimage.com.



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