Pantum Celebrates 11 Years With New Printers

Pantum Celebrates 11 Years With New Printers

Pantum Celebrates 11 Years With New Printers

Pantum Celebrates 11 Years With New PrintersNinestar’s printer company, Pantum has used December to celebrate its 11th anniversary to promote its new Elite series with A4 printing speeds of up to 40 pages per minute. Pantum says it is the company’s fastest model yet.

Over the past 11 years, the company has built up a comprehensive product portfolio of single-function, multi-function, monochromatic, color, A4 and A3 printers.

During this time, it has also expanded its sales network to cover 80 countries and regions around the world, with the aim of providing global users with exceptional, efficient products and services.

The Elite Series, which includes the BP5100 (BP5100DN and BP5100DW) and BM5100 (BM5100ADN, BM5100ADW, BM5100FDN and BM5100FDW) models, can substantially resolve the daily challenges including slow printing speeds and time-consuming waiting.

Pantum Celebrates 11 Years With New Printers

In addition to the 250-page standard tray and the 60-page multi-function tray, two additional 550-page large-capacity trays will increase the maximum feed capacity to 1410 pages. It is targeted to the needs of a wide range of commercial customers, from SMEs and governments to large institutions, with more convenient features such as one-step driver installation and automatic duplex printing. One-step driver installation can aid in the intelligent identification of printer connection methods such as USB, network, or Wi-Fi connection. Automatic duplex printing allows users to save 50% of their paper usage and reduce 50% of their expenditure.

As the pandemic persisted, the company promoted the more “speedy, stable, smart, and simple” 4S Efficiency series to provide economical printing solutions. Pantum is constantly modifying to improve the user experience for SMB users by observing and researching workplace environments and habits. Focusing on the ease of daily use and long-term savings, Pantum has identified and improved printer features that benefit SMBs the most. The printing speed and paper input are optimized for SMB users that print small to medium volumes of documents and do not need to refill the paper trays frequently. Also aimed at remote work, it is the perfect pandemic companion thanks to features such as mobile printing.

In 2021, Pantum is committed to continuously improving its product line. Pantum ‘s Elite Series not only filled the higher-end sector of the company’s offering but also gave customers more options to suit their various needs. As the world looks to 2022, Pantum will continue to channel its efforts into optimizing its printer products and services, so as to provide users around the world with more diverse product choices and convenient user experiences.



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