US$1.16 billion Brother-Domino Acquisition Completed

Brother Industries, Ltd (Brother)’s acquisition of Domino Printing Sciences plc (Domino) has been completed with a £1.03 billion (US$1.16 billion) takeover, reported

According to the reporter, Brother will develop a much larger presence in the coding and marking business after the acquisition, particularly in the area of providing digital printing capabilities such as barcoding to other companies. Domino will operate as an autonomous division of Brother, with its brand and management structure unaffected.

Peter Byrom, Chairman of Domino, indicated the new partner will bring “complementary skills and strengths in digital printing”, as revealed by the reporter. Nigel Bond, Chief Executive of Domino, added, “Brother respects and values Domino’s brand equity, technologies and strategic vision for the business and the markets it serves. The companies will be working closely together on natural growth opportunities, as well as exploring collaborative possibilities to develop new products.”

With a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and an excess of 200 distributors, Domino has developed a market share of around 17% in the global coding and marking market, valued at £1.7 billion (US$1.9 billion) and this is growing at 4-6% per year. Digital printing accounted for around £440 million (US$496.3 million) of the total, but this is growing much faster at around 11% per year.

Technavio market research shows the overall coding and marking market will grow by more than 5% per year from 2015 to 2019, driven by better integration of equipment into production lines, and an increased demand for more graphical coding and technological advances, particularly in inkjet printing.


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