Ninestar Held First G&G European Distributor Convention in the Netherlands

Ninestar has held the 1st G&G European Distributor Convention and the company’s 15th Anniversary Ceremony in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 5 June. Guests included officials from the Foreign Investment Agency of Utrecht Province, along with distributors from 19 European countries, totaling to 32 guests.

Two distinguished guests were invited to the convention to deliver presentations. One of these guests was industry veteran Giovanni Giusti who analyzed the value of brand within the aftermarket industry and offered guidance and suggestions on how to run a brand, providing distributors with more confidence with brand building. The second, Frank Marguier, SAP Solution’s Manager, shared with the audience a presentation on “Wholesale Trends and Challenges In 2015”, which discussed a new era of online promotion driven by the changes in global and industrial tendencies.

Within 15 years of development, G&G branded products has been sold to 36 countries and regions, and showed a tendency of vigorous development in these places. In Greece, G&G repeatedly won biddings from the local government and large corporations. In Bulgaria, G&G is the largest aftermarket consumables brand, with a market share of roughly 60%. In Russia, G&G is a well-known aftermarket brand and the first choice of many large corporations and banks.

In order to reward G&G distributors for their commitment and contribution during the years, Ninestar held an award ceremony during the convention, with awards including: Outstanding Contribution Award, Best Brand Promotion Award, Most Potential Distributor Award and Most Loyal Distributor Award. Meanwhile, the company also announced its 2015-2016 Incentive Scheme to encourage and support distributors to better promote G&G brand within local markets.

Alex Xiao, Sales Director Europe of Ninestar, also revealed the company’s strategic plan for the G&G brand in the coming 3-5 years, demonstrating great commitment to develop the brand globally.


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