U.S. Federal Government to Continue Leading Global Green Electronics

Kate Brandt, U.S Chief Sustainability Officer of the U.S Federal Government, published that the U.S. Government will continue its federal leadership in global green electronics, according to epeat.net. The instructions within the declaration raised the goal from 95% of purchases to “all” purchases needing to include sustainability requirements.

As revealed, the Implementing Instructions also confirmed additional changes, relating to the EPEAT Registry for greener electronics, which has long been essential for the federal electronics procurement. These changes include:

  • The Instructions reassure all federal agencies that they may still use EPEAT to inform their procurement of electronics.
  • The Instructions reinforce the federal government’s confidence in EPEAT.
  • The Instructions establish EPEAT as the standard bearer for the purchase of electronic devices moving forward, while opening the door to other tools if they meet the same rigorous requirements.
  • Electronic products typically used in office spaces and data centers are specifically mentioned in the Implementing Instructions.

As the largest electronics purchaser in the world, the U.S. Government will continue to bring stability and market share to environmentally preferable products. With abundant investment from stakeholders, Ms. Brandt’s team has created an organized and healthy market, and a productive race to the top for high standards and electronics products. EPEAT Registry will keep its position and will set the basis for continued advancement of green electronics.

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