G&G Continues to Support and Empower Women

G&G Continues to Support and Empower Women

G&G Continues to Support and Empower Women

G&G Continues to Support and Empower WomenG&G, a globally renowned supplier of printing components and supplies, demonstrates leadership in its commitment to staff well-being and governance. On this International Women’s Day, G&G takes pride in acknowledging women’s remarkable contributions and accomplishments within its workforce. Women comprise 72% of the staff and hold 58% of leadership roles; G&G values their pivotal role in fostering positive transformation.

But who are the women behind the numbers? What stories do they have to tell? In a recent series of interviews, we sat and listened to them, allowing them to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements.

These women are more than dedicated professionals; they inspire our team with their actions, wisdom, ideas, and unique qualities. “Women typically bring attention to detail, empathy, and a strong sense of responsibility to the workplace,” said Cynthia Zhu, G&G’s Regional Sales Manager. These traits help build stronger connections with clients and cultivate a warm and supportive team environment within G&G.

According to Cynthia, G&G continues to be dedicated to building a friendly and supportive environment that nurtures staff growth and development. Reflecting on her own experience, Cynthia added, “When I first started here, I was putting in much time and effort without seeing much progress. Thankfully, my colleagues were very supportive and willing to give me a hand.”

Helena Huang, Marketing Director at G&G, emphasized the diverse roles women fulfill both at work and at home. “As women in the workplace, we have taken on different roles. We are daughters, maybe mothers, wives, team members or leaders. Each role comes with its challenges,”

Supporting women requires actions and not just words. G&G has implemented tangible measures to support its female workforce. “For the new mother, here in our company, there’s a special new mother’s lounge,” Helena shared. This unique lounge is offered to new mothers to care for themselves, ensuring they feel valued, supported, and able to balance their professional responsibilities and personal well-being.

Moreover, G&G extends its support to working parents by helping them manage the challenges of caring for their children during school holidays. G&G organizes holiday camps with various activities for its employees’ children, allowing parents to focus on their work while ensuring their children are safe and well cared for.

On this special day, G&G extends heartfelt gratitude and wishes to all the incredible women who contribute and inspire us! Happy Women’s Day!


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