Zhono Releases Patented Chip Solution for Ricoh Copiers

Zhono Releases Patented Chip Solution for Ricoh Copiers

Zhono Releases Patented Chip Solution for Ricoh Copiers

Remanufacturing factories in Europe and the Americas act as advocates and pioneers in global low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly initiatives. These companies, dedicated to the office equipment industry, recycle OEM cartridges and remanufacture the exhausted OEM cartridges for reuse. Chips remain an indispensable core component in this cartridge recycling process.


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As an independent chip supplier, Zhono understands the differences in intellectual property rights systems, legal developments, judicial biases, and other issues in various countries. Zhono provides flexible solutions to reduce or eliminate the risk of patent infringement and helps industries and customers respond to intellectual property rights challenges.


(Zhono Highly Values Intellectual Property Rights)

Zhono claims it has always highly valued the intellectual property rights of OEMs. Since 2019, Zhono’s IP, Engineering, Product, and R&D teams have devoted countless hours to discussing, researching, and designing patented chip solutions for Ricoh copiers. To ensure that its chip solutions meet the key requirements of global remanufacturing factories, Zhono’s team has revised more than ten versions of its chip solutions. By the end of 2023, the 12th version of Zhono’s chip solution for Ricoh copiers had passed the verification test.

“Through our innovative elastic contact design, this solution not only meets the requirements of the connection between chip contacts and the internal printer connection but also reduces the risk of infringing upon OEM patents. Our chip solution has obtained significant certification from a third-party organization in Japan,” said the spokesperson of Zhono.


Connection between OEM Chip Contacts and Printer Internal


Connection between Zhono Patented Chip and Printer Internal


Features of Zhono patented chip solution for Ricoh copiers:

  1. The innovative design of “C”-shaped elastic contact

The shape and material of the newly designed “C”-shaped elastic contact on the chip allows the elastic contact to have a non-rigid contact with the internal contacts of the printer. This ensures a better contact between the chip’s elastic contact and the internal contacts of the machine, while also providing a high fault tolerance in the contact, thereby significantly reducing the probability of damage to the internal contacts of the machine.

  1. The memory (IC) and the chip holder are arranged in a staggered layout

This design effectively prevents the holder contacts from accidentally touching the memory (IC) on the chip, thereby significantly reducing the risk of the memory (IC) being damaged.

  1. The chip solution supports OEM cartridges and is environmentally friendly

This chip can be used on OEM cartridges. Zhono has conducted on-machine tests with various printers, including Ricoh MPC3500, MPC5500, MPC3000, MPC4500, MPC2500, IMC2500, IMC3000, and IMC2510 series. Zhono has also compared its patented chip with other compatible chips on the market and found no issues with its chip. Customers can be assured of the quality of Zhono’s chip solution.

“In the future, we will continue to increase our investment in intellectual property matters to reduce intellectual property risks and better serve our partners in China and abroad,” said the spokesperson of Zhono.

As of December 2023, multiple chips from Zhono are already equipped with intellectual property rights, including the Brother 770 series. If you need patented products, contact info@zhono.com.



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