Government Funds Foreign Trade of Print Consumables

Xiangzhou District Government of Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government, China, in partnership with Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Commerce, held a conference to plan a new three-year project promoting foreign trade of the print consumables industry in Zhuhai.

As was reported by Yangcheng Evening News, the government will fund ¥5 million to establish a foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base for print consumables industry in Xiangzhou District over the next three years. Also, in order to stimulate industry innovation and promote the consumables industry as the key industry in the district, the government will apply to the State Trademark Office for a collective trademark of Print Consumables Made in Zhuhai, and the trademark of the World’s Capital of Print Consumables. The application will be completed within this year, said the statement.

According to the new plan, 10 companies in the base are expected to generate a revenue of ¥50 million from export by 2017; two companies are expected to achieve over ¥5 billion from export and two are expected to be listed. Also, the base companies are expected to generate tax revenues of ¥6 billion and create jobs for 100 thousand people by 2017.

In addition, the three-year plan includes organizing the 200 companies in the base as a group to participate industry events such as RemaxAsia Expo, RT Imaging Expo Europe, and expo in Russia. Moreover, all exhibitors will be demonstrated and promoted as a group by the government during the events.

Other key issues are also discussed at the conference. Cut-throat competition focusing on low price strategies is regarded as the biggest challenge for the industry in the region. Another challenge is the increase of labor cost.
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