InfoTrends Study to Examine SMB Office, Document and Technology Markets

InfoTrends announces a new multi-client study entitled Insights and Opportunities in SMB Office, Document and Technology Markets. This study will focus on the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) acquire technology to how they consume it. With the SMB market going through tremendous technology transformation, companies are looking for different ways to accommodate their new style of business.

InfoTrends’ new study will look into the SMB market in five geographic areas (i.e., U.S., Germany, China, India, and Brazil) to understand the dynamics and transformation around six core areas:

  • General SMB geographic environment within each country
  • SMB office environment
  • Users, decision makers, and IT
  • Current and future office document technology usage and requirements
  • Future technology usage and requirements (e.g., cloud or mobile)
  • Distribution channels that sell and support SMB environments

“In previous years, SMBs were known as the followers to technology adoption due to the fact that solutions were only available to large and enterprise organizations,” commented Randy Dazo, Senior Director at InfoTrends. “Today, we’re seeing that change because of the cloud, mobility, and the delivery, distribution, and the business models surrounding them.”

As SMB environments continue to go through constant change, virtual and remote environments allow them to be more agile. Nevertheless, they also bring new challenges around infrastructure and security to an organization.

According to the research agency, this study will help subscribers:

  • Understand the SMB market dynamics by country and company size
  • Recognize the shifts that are occurring in the SMB office environment
  • Identify go to market strategies required to successfully penetrate the SMB space
  • Identify device types and user habits of office document technology in the SMB space by country
  • Better comprehend the adoption of office document technology software and service solutions in SMB
  • See the shifts of other technologies that are impacting the SMB office environment
  • Understand the channels that are delivering these technologies to SMB customers
  • Explore business delivery models of different technologies – transaction, as a service, lease, etc.

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