Visitors Overwhelmingly Proclaim it the Best RemaxWorld

Visitors Overwhelmingly Proclaim it the Best RemaxWorld

Visitors Overwhelmingly Proclaim it the Best RemaxWorld

Visitors leaving the RemaxWorld Expo 2023 on its third and final day on October 14 have gone out of their way to thank the organisers for what they say was the “best ever” show for the printer and imaging supplies industry.

For many, it was the first time in four years and visiting their suppliers in China again has been a long time coming. Others were new to the event and were surprised at the enormity of the expo. And yet many others, who have frequented the show religiously for its 17-year history, told organisers they were surprised at the huge crowds, the significant improvement in the size and appearance and professionalism of the 406 exhibits.

“We are grateful to bring the industry together again here in Zhuhai after Covid. We are humbled by the enthusiastic participation of the international buyers. Seeing suppliers and buyers busily and happily meeting and talking together everywhere in the exhibition halls is very touching,” said Victoria Zhao,  General Manager of C-RT, the event organizer.


The global landscape has undergone profound transformations, face-to-face communication and dialogue is desperate for more than ever. This year, the three-day event attracted 16,195 visitors from 112 countries in its first two days alone, much larger than any previous crowd over three day. All were looking for reliable suppliers, new products and new solutions.

RemaxWorld Expo

Some exhibitors also provided feedback to organisers saying they they were thrilled to see many new faces at the exhibition. “The number of new buyers I met was totally beyond my expectation,” said one exhibitor. Scores of others took to social media to express their surprise, joy and excitement.

One French-based exhibitor was amazed by the scale of the expo, the rich variety of the products, and the huge crowds. “It blew my mind,” said Ludovic Antony from Retail Inkjet Solutions. “I have never seen such a big expo. You can literally find everything here.” The exhibitor has already booked a booth at the exhibition for 2024.

This year, 406 exhibitors from within and without China, showcased their latest products and solutions, covering laser/inkjet printers, copiers, printer consumables, copier consumables, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, inks, toners, chips and various components.

In addition to mainstream laser/inkjet printers, other segments of printers employing all existing printing technologies are also displayed, including thermal printers, engineering printers, wide format printers, UV printers, blueprinting printers, high-speed digital printers, etc.

One exhibitor told the organizers it sold out several high-speed digital printers during the exhibition. According to another exhibitor, it developed 5 new international customers, each of whom placed sample orders worth in excess of US$2000.

“It is very encouraging to receive so much positive feedback from exhibitors. There is strong evidence the event boosted everyone’s confidence. It is another milestone in our 17 years,” said Zhao.

During the expo, many exhibitors reached out to book the space for 2024. Those who didn’t make it this year expressed their regrets and asked to reserve a space for RemaxWorld Expo scheduled for October 17-19, 2024

“As the event organizer, we feel the responsibility to continuously bring value to both suppliers and buyers through our platforms,” said Victoria Zhao, General Manager of C-RT.

C-RT also interviewed some international visitors and exhibitors during the expo. We will publish the recorded videos in the coming weeks.



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