Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

RemaxWorld Expo to be Held in October

RemaxWorld Expo will be held in less than 80 days at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Registration is open and it is free. There are many benefits to registering now. For example, those registering before August 4 could win free accommodations in Zhuhai during the expo.

Click here to get your free ticket and the chance to win free accommodation.

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Every experienced traveller knows they should be well prepared in advance of their trip to ensure an enjoyable experience. Here are some travel tips to help you.

Recommended Ways to Get to Zhuhai

ATTENTION: The CKS ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Zhuhai is not available, please select other transportation.

*Reminder: to avoid frustration, please prepare local currency and change when arriving in different cities. All passengers should prepare local currencies in advance:

  • Guangzhou: please prepare Chinese Yuan (Renminbi);
  • Hong Kong: please prepare Hong Kong dollars;
  • Macau, please prepare Macau patacas.

Please note that official currencies are used in each respective region, and it is recommended to have local currency on hand for your convenience when travelling and during your stay.

Click here to download our Travel Tips PDF

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Recommended Hotels and Shuttle Bus

Travel Tips for RemaxWorld Expo

Hotel reservation is always the most important thing along with flight ticket booking. Zhuhai is a beautiful coastal city with many hotels providing high-quality hospitality, but booking a hotel in an unfamiliar city where the language is not understood can be quite challenging.

Therefore, RT has listed 11 recommended hotels for overseas visitors to select. If you need to book a hotel room from the list during the expo, please contact the person in charge via email and explain that you are a visitor to the expo. By doing this, you can book a room with a discount. Click here to get the full list of recommended hotels and contact details of each.

Moreover, RT will offer a free shuttle bus between the recommended hotels and the exhibition center during the expo. Every recommended hotel is included in the routes so that every visitor who books a recommended hotel can take the free shuttle bus. Click here to get the routes and pick-up points.

Invitation Letter

If you need an invitation letter to apply for a visa, please email a copy of your passport page and your registration confirmation to providing your personal information listed below:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Company name
  • Designation/Job title
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number

RT hopes every visitor can enjoy the RemaxWorld Expo on October 12-14! Looking forward to seeing you at that time.


RemaxWorld Expo

Free Accommodation Offered for RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai

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