Exhibit Space in Short Supply at RemaxWorld Expo

With more than 3 months to go before the world’s largest print consumables expo, organizers are thrilled with the exhibitor turnout, leaving only 9% of the floor space available.

The 9th RemaxWorld Expo—to be held October 15-17, 2015 in the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center—will cover 30,000 square meters, the equivalent of 5 football fields put side by side!

This year’s exhibition has sold “as fast as candy”, with many international names reserving their own places, leaving only a handful of unreserved places. “Every year, we have exhibitors wanting to sign up at the last moment,” RT Media organizer Tony Lee explains. “However, I can see some will be disappointed this year because the expo is heading for an early sellout”.

Involvement at the 3 day expo, in Zhuhai’s brand new, world class, Exhibition Centre positions each exhibitor alongside other 400 industry leaders including (not listed in any particular order): Print-Rite, Ninestar, SCC, Delacamp, Future Graphics, IPM, Apex Microelectronics, Mito, Dinglong, SGT, HGOA, Baiksan, Uninet, Top-Print, Cobol, Kolion Tech, Trendvision, Retech, MMC, Ourway Image, Integral, Cosmo, Ink Tank, Print King, Top Jet, Polytoner, Inkbank, Someway Electronics, Orink, Vivicolor, BESDA, Everlight Chemical, Pointrole, A&G, Mipo, China Internal, Beijing Laser Hi-Technology, Topcolor, Printermayin, Microjet, Amida, Piz, Kuroki, Hiway, Speed, Aomya, Chinamate, Park & OPC, Inkjet, JADI, Nikko, TN Core, De Jian, Senwill, Zhono and Megain!


Exciting Business Enhancements

RemaxWorld Expo became the largest, annual computer printing event in the world in 2010 with exhibitors and visitors coming from more than 80 countries. Apart from the big names exhibiting, the organizers, Recycling Times Media—known as RT Media—continue to enhance the visitor experience. This year’s expo will use an online to offline model to create productive business meetings and networking opportunities. When exhibitors or visitors sign up, they will be requested to log in online and select a series of traits they are looking for in a business partner. Both parties will be notified of all matches before the exhibition, allowing each to efficiently arrange a time to meet.

All exhibitors are promoted through each of RT Media’s channels—including the industry’s leading website, TV news interviews, social media — creating lasting, positive impressions.

Various free services—including coffee stations, phone charging kiosks, massage chair and  in vogue electric vehicles—will enhance and personalize the expo experience. Attendees can also participate in interactive games at various exhibits giving them a chance to win big prizes, helping exhibitors to boost their brand in a fun, relaxed environment.

About RT Media

Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media) educates, informs and provides networking and business opportunities for the 2D and 3D printing industry. The RT Media international team comprises talent from Australia, America, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong and China.

RT Media is the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, the world’s largest print consumables trade show event held each year in Zhuhai, China—the world capital of print consumables manufacturing.  RT Media also organizes the RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Americas, RT Imaging Summit & Expo—Europe and World Toner Conference.  RT Media publishes regular inTouch TV News bulletins and monthly editions of the Recycling Times magazine for the global industry-separately with Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and Russian editions.

In the 3D printing arena, RT Media organizes the world leading professional 3D printing trade shows—Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo—Shanghai and iPrint 3D Expo. RT Media was also the first to publish a monthly Chinese magazine focusing on the 3D printing industry—3D Printing World.


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