Are You Ready For the Upcoming RemaxWorld Expo?

Are You Ready For the Upcoming RemaxWorld Expo?

In China, October means the arrival of autumn as well as the coming of the National Day holiday.

The 8-day long holiday is going to come to an end, and the RemaxWorld Expo is just around the corner. Please let your customers know they can still get free VIP tickets by registering online: bit.ly/remaxworld23register

To avoid any trouble, we would like to share some basic information with exhibitors. Here are some crucial details to keep in mind:

Arrival and Set-up Time

Please ensure that you arrive in Zhuhai with ample time for booth setup. Take into account any potential travel delays or customs clearance.

Here are some important timelines that you should be aware of:

basic timetable

Locations of service centersprocess

During the construction period, exhibitors should unload at the Unloading Area, and you could find transportation services outside the entrances of Hall 3 and Hall 4.

But at first, exhibitors need to collect their exhibitor badges. Exhibitors should go to the Exhibitor Report Center in Hall 4 with their business cards to collect their exhibitor badges. By doing this, exhibitors are allowed to enter the venue for booth set-up.

During the Expo, we also have visitor registration counters and information centers in the lobby between Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 4, and Hall 5.

All locations are marked on the map below:


Unloading Area 
Here is the best way to get to the unloading area. If you need to unload, please follow the route marked on the map below:

unloading area

If you need the exact location to get there by taxi, please click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the RemaxWorld Expo and wish you a fruitful and rewarding experience.

See you at the RemaxWorld Expo!


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