Portuguese Media Delegation Visited Print-Rite Tower

Portuguese Media Delegation has visited Print-Rite to learn the latest development of the company and the market trend of the printer consumable industry, according to UTec, the master global distributor of Print-Rite Imaging products.

UTec claims this visit indicates the recognition of Print-Rite’s leadership position from the delegation.

The delegation was welcomed by a warm speech presented by the Print-Rite management. Followed that, Print-Rite has introduced its latest 3D Printer and wide-format inks to the delegation.

According to the product introduction, the user-friendly Colido 3D Printer generates a high precision printout by using a proprietary design printhead. The management also showed the delegation Print-Rite’s Wide-format Inks which could be applied to textile printing with vivid color printouts.

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