UK Recycling Company Expands with Grant

Lancing, UK-based BCMY, a leading recycling company which saves one million printer cartridges from landfill every year, has been granted £49,000 for business growth.

As was reported by, the recent grant from Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership has enabled it to open a new facility and have more staff. Also the company can fund a new facility that breaks down toner waste into raw materials, which can be sold on for reuse, rather than becoming damaging to the environment through landfill or incinerations. Previously BCMY made 100 tons of printer waste cartridge every year, which was hard to dispose of safely. Shredding, burning and compacting creates a risk of explosions.

Simon Gilchrist, managing director BCMY, said: “Our new service gives us a better environmental solution for our waste, with zero landfill, zero incineration and 100% reuse.”

“The facility allows the company to bridge two markets, cartridge reuse and waste cartridge destruction, which is not yet an integrated service available in the UK. We aim to be profitable within the first 12 months, with a view to expanding capacity and services thereafter.” added Simon.

BCMY also operates a sister program, Recycle4Charity, enabling people and businesses to donate their used cartridges to raise money for charity. The program has collected more than £900,000 donation.

Steve Allen, Coast to Capital vice chairman, said: “This is exactly the sort of business we like to invest in – an innovative, growing company, creating jobs, with an environmental ethos. It really hits that sweet spot brilliantly and we’re all delighted to see its success.”

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