Tohita Takes a Stance on the Remote Working Debate

Tohita Takes a Stance on the Remote Working Debate

Tohita Takes a Stance on the Remote Working Debate

Tohita Takes a Stance on the Remote Working DebateOver the last two years, companies have tried many different ways of keeping staff safe while continuing to work. As restrictions ease around the world, workers are debating whether they should continue to work from home, or return to the office. Benson Ye (pictured second from left), Managing Director at Tohita, explained his perspective.

Staff at Tohita experience a positive, professional workplace culture. The early stages of the pandemic had a big impact on all of the workers, because everyone needed to work at home. Ye explained that like most workplaces, it took about a month for staff to get used to working remotely and establish an efficient system.

However, many reports about the COVID-19 pandemic describe workers feeling lonely, disconnected, and missing collaboration while they work from home. For companies with such a positive workplace culture like Tohita, staff can complete their work to a high standard but miss working in the office a lot.

When asked about Tohita’s decision for in-office or remote working, Ye said, “As the pandemic has improved, we prefer to work in the office. We have an atmosphere where staff can concentrate easier and work harder.” This approach means maximising productivity and social connection after a lonely two years. Ye shared that he was very proud of the friendly and fair work environment at Tohita.

Many companies are struggling to decide the best way to work as the pandemic improves, but Tohita’s decisiveness has ensured an efficient, well-organised return to the office. This means that Tohita can continue to provide customers with the most reliable products and competitive prices in the copier consumables industry.

Tohita is a leading copier, toner, drum and spare part manufacturer in China. Known for competitive prices, reliable quality and value-added service, Tohita is an excellent manufacturer of copier consumables with over eleven years of rich industry experience.



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