Aomya Expands Production to Meet Demand

Aomya Expands Production to Meet Demand

Aomya Expands Production to Meet Demand

Aomya Expands Production to Meet DemandGlobal availability of products is more important to customers now than ever before, and Aomya is rising to meet the challenge. The company is expanding their product range and warehouses internationally to give consumers the solution they have been looking for.

Aomya is a high-tech inkjet developer and manufacturer, specialising in ink and ink cartridges. The company’s wide product range includes ink for use in the office, digital image output, outdoor advertisement, and DTG. Aomya is a one-stop solution, providing full coverage of EPSON, CANON, HP and BROTHER desktop printer ink lines, related accessories, and OEM service.

Aomya’s first priority is high-quality products. To this end, the company has invested in research and development for a decade, and established the necessary company infrastructure to manufacture reliable and high-quality inkjet products. All stages of R&D, production and testing follow the ISO 9001 quality control system flow path.

“Our ink is manufactured in one of over 100,000 clean workshops, and filtered with nanoscale cartridges before being tested in state-of-the-art laboratories. Liquid chromatography, viscocity, electron microscopy, conductivity, PH and surface tension are all tested with industry-leading equipment. Then, all products are packed using recycled material,” said the spokesperson of the company.

When asked about Aomya’s philosophy, the spokesperson replied, “Good quality ink is the foundation. Skilled engineers build the framework, well-trained after-sale technicians construct the walls, knowledgeable salesmen form the roof, and together we make a strong, balanced structure that workers and customers are proud of.”

“Our company thrives on challenge and passion. We aim to satisfy customer needs with every sale and assist them in solving any challenges. All of us feel proud to do that,” the spokesperson added.

As a high-quality inkjet ink and cartridge manufacturer, Aomya is consistently providing customers with reliable products and excellent service. The company claims that its expanding product range and global availability are the result of successful investment in R&D for the last 10 years, and make it a one-stop solution to be reckoned with.



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