Franchise Network in Europe Expands

One global retailer of ink and toner has announced completion of expanding its Master Franchise in Europe.

According to, Cartridge World has announced the completion of its acquisition of the Master Franchise in the UK and Ireland towards the Master Franchise rights for France, Spain and Portugal.

Cartridge World Restructures its Network in Europe

Through this expansion of franchise, Cartridge World UK has acquired exclusive retail rights for the UTAX range of A4 and MFP printers. The company’s partnerships with HP and Canon will also facilitate the development of its activities in France, Spain and Portugal.

Paul Callow, the Managing Director of Cartridge World UK reveals that the expansion of Cartridge World’s franchise in Europe will offer them more opportunities to their franchises at present and in the future. He also said that this expansion will enable them to set foot in other activities in addition to the refilling and sales of cartridges.

Rod Young, the Global CEO of Cartridge World said, “[The franchise expansion] provides incredible savings and…reassuring product reliability for our professional and private customers who have printing needs.”

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