Samsung Sweeps Patent Lawsuits in Europe

Samsung Electronics won the suit against four printer toner cartridge resellers at the District Court of Munich in Germany after the seesaw battle of three years.

According to, four resellers were adjudged to have infringed upon Samsung’s EP 1975744B1 patent. The patent is featured in cartridges for Samsung’s CLT-X5082 printer, and cartridges for other printers including CLP-X660, CLT-X6092 may also be involved.

The lawsuit has been ongoing since November 2013. And the OEM has also won another lawsuit against two toner cartridges resellers in Netherlands in November 2016. For more detail on the case in Netherlands, please visit the links below.

OEM Wins European Patent Infringement Case

Cheeky Reseller ReCalls Infringing Cartridges

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