Tech Training Under the Trees

Tech Training Under the Trees

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Tech Training Under the Trees

Tech Training Under the TreesIt’s not always easy in Africa… Travel does not always run smoothly.

Journeying from my comfort zone in South Africa to the country of Zambia gave me a whole new level of appreciation for the tremendous work of industry engineers and QC personnel.

The task to train the hopeful, the brave and the potential cartridge remanufacturing technicians was not an easy task either. But I succeeded to train each successful candidate—none of whom had ever seen a cartridge before—while standing under a tree “somewhere in Africa.”

Tech Training Under the Trees

The spoken word is not sufficient, so hands-on technical demonstrations and participation sessions were required. Technical know-how is taught with a series of nods, head shakes, grunts and hand gestures. Habitually, pencil and paper was the first tool to come out the toolbox to assist where a technical drawing allowed comprehension.

I retract my opening statement. Now I say, “sometimes things are easy in Africa.”

With know-how and proper preparation, in even some of the strangest environments, good training and engineering will trump the odds. A matched system of components and eager-to-learn personnel are the keys to accomplishing quality, color, reman cartridges—not only in Zambia but in a host of other countries from Angola to Turkey and India. ■

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Coenie Greyling STMC AfricaBased in Johannesburg, South Africa, Coenie Greyling is an official STMC trainer throughout Africa. He has a proven record of success in production and remanufacturing environments related to safety, materials management, job planning, quality control and employee and customer training. You can contact Greyling by email.

** This article, “Tech Training Under the Trees” is published in RT ImagingWorld magazine on page 27. Click to download the full issue for free.



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