Ninestar to Offer Prizes at Product Launch

Ninestar to Offer Prizes at Product Launch

Ninestar to Offer Prizes at Product Launch

Ninestar to Offer Prizes at Product LaunchAs an incentive to watch its online product launch on November 17 and 18, 2020, Ninestar will give $100 Amazon gift cards to ten people who attend and watch the full presentation.

The event is entitled “How to Stay Ahead of the Game Post COVID-19?” and “G&G Works! We Offer You the Sustainability Virus Can’t Kill.”

As the virus continues to hit the world so badly, Ninestar decided to run the virtual event to help its customers maintain their competitive edge. Ninestar has put together three presentations to share with the global market:

  • Introducing UFU: where attendees can learn how Ninestar’s Unismart for Firmware Upgrades can better manage printer firmware upgrades.
  • Global roll-out of G&G Select: which Ninestar claims will be a “reliable companion for higher-value market penetration.”
  • How the Ninestar MPS Ecosystem can help your business growth

A YouTube video can help visitors and attendees learn more about the launch event.

The launch will be broadcast online through the YouTube channel of Ninestar at the following times:

The latest Unismart Firmware Upgrade (UFU), which is based upon the concept that was debuted in July this year, is a solution which combines the use of a Unismart device along with software and the packaging. This will all be demonstrated and explained during the online launch.

G&G claims the latest version of the UFU will work 68% faster than the previous model and to be the best solution to manage the recurring firmware issues caused by OEM updates to its printers that locks our third-party, or aftermarket supplies.



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