Arson Attack Entraps Cartridge World Store in Crewe

In the early morning hours on August 28, firefighters and police received reports of a fire at Cartridge World, on Nantwich Road in Crewe, England. The store was believed to be the target of an arson attack.

It was reported that the fire was started in a bin compound behind the store, broke out at 3.03 a.m., and spread to the ground floor of the Cartridge World shop. People were trapped inside the flats above, consequently, altogether four fire engines from Crewe were called for rescue. Moreover, three jets were called out to extinguish the fire. To blow away the smoke, a large industrial fan was used. During the rescue, the entire building was thoroughly searched. Buildings and properties near the scene were enveloped by the smoke.

A spokesman for Cheshire Police suspects arson, commenting: “We are treating it as suspicious– it’s malicious ignition.”

A Cartridge World spokesman said, “We can confirm that at 3 a.m. on August 28 a fire started outside the rear of the Cartridge World Crewe store on Nantwich Road and we are working with the police and fire service in their investigation. He said the store was forced to be shut down after the fire.

As was reported in The Guardian, there have been a number of small, deliberate fires in Crewe over recent weeks. They noted the incidents have involved rubbish, bins, vehicles and grass and most have been started behind buildings on wheelie bins.

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