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Ninestar Shareholder Profits Grow 610%

Ninestar Shareholder Profits Grow 610% Jackson Wang rtmworld

Ninestar’s Founding CEO, Jackson Wang

Ninestar Shareholder Profits Grow 610%

According to the China-listed company information disclosure website, net profit attributable to shareholders of the publicly-listed Ninestar grew 610.5% in the first quarter in 2021 (Q1, 2021) to 215. 33 million RMB (US$33.27 million).

Net profit attributable to the listed company’s shareholders after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was 197.67 million RMB (US$30.54 million). Operating income, however, declined 7.31% year-over-year to 4.85 billion RMB (US$749.26 million).

The reasons contributing to such growth include: the recovery from the global pandemic during 2021, the global printer market has shown a trend of recovery, and the higher demands for printing consumables.

In Q1, the Ninestar printer business, Apex microelectronics business, as well as sales and incomes in the aftermarket printing consumables business all showed trends of growth in various degree.

Printer business

Lexmark printer sales volume increased 11% in Q1, due to the smooth return to production of its manufacturing base in China after the Chinese Spring Festival. Lexmark might face some delivery pressure as affected by the global shortage of electronic materials.

During the reporting period, Pantum printer sales volume increased 119%. Pantum found suitable business modules and marketing strategies in the market, channel as well as e-commerce. Therefore, Pantum enjoyed significant growth in market ratio and brand awareness.

Apex Microelectronics Business

During the reporting period, Apex sales volume increased 35% year-over-year, while sales revenue increased 86% year-over-year. The new releases of Apex chip for compatible printing consumables as well as the sales of its key products will contribute to the stable increase of the company’s results.

Compatible Printing Consumables Business

During the reporting period, Ninestar compatible printing consumables business (including all its subsidiaries) continued to grow, with sales volume up 23% year-over-year and sales revenue up 39% year-over-year.

Ninestar is accelerating the construction of its e-commerce channel abroad, which expands its brand influence in a whole and boosts the aboard e-commerce sales as well.



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