Ninestar Launches New Automation Line

Ninestar Launches New Automation Line

Ninestar Launches New Automation Line

Ninestar Launches New Automation LineAccording to Ninestar, it has launched a new fully automated line for the production of patented toner cartridge alternatives for HP CF217/230/218/294 series and Canon047/051 series.

“Up to now, Ninestar has operated five state-of-the-art automated production lines for toner cartridges, and most of Ninestar’s ink cartridge production is now fully automated, which enable Ninestar to take the lead in aftermarket automation,” said the spokesman from the company.

Ninestar Launches New Automation Line

Investing more than two million RMB, the new line is claimed to be able to produce 400 to 450 pcs toner cartridges per hour. “The high-tech, high-threshold manufacturing consists of 34 assembly steps, providing stable, quality products and greatly reduced failure rates,” the spokesman added.

Ninestar Launches New Automation Line

To meet customers’ needs for the popular HP CF217/Canon047 series products, Ninestar offers patented alternatives that match with the OEM printers.

Ninestar pointed out that the new patented alternatives feature:

  • Patented workaround for HP/Canon dongle gear products
  • Highly efficient automated production which ensures a consistent success rate higher than 98%
  • Special designed MR structure which brings OEM-equivalent printing quality
  • RoHS & Reach compliant

The company said that increased-yield jumbo versions are also available.

To know more about Ninestar smart manufacturing, click here.



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