Ninestar Spends Millions Treating Waste Ink

Ninestar Spends Millions Treating Waste Ink

Ninestar Spends Millions Treating Waste Ink

Ninestar Spends Millions Treating Waste InkNinestar used World Environment Day on June 5 to explain how it treats and reuses the water needed to clean used inkjet ink cartridges.

Then company prepared a short video to illustrate how it invested CN¥8 million (US$1.25 million) on a 1,500 m2  sewage treatment station that processes 800 m3 of sewage per day.

“It’s better for the environment to reuse the single-use, throw away cartridges that often end up in a landfill,” said Jarek Yang, senior product manager at Ninestar. “However, lots of water is needed to clean the residual ink from the original cartridges.”

Yang explained the water needs to be treated after it has been used otherwise the benefits of reuse vanish down the sewage drains, and the environmental reuse choice credentials are lost.

“If manufacturers do not treat sewage produced during the remanufacturing process properly, how can they qualify those remanufactured products, that come at the cost of water pollution, to be the better environmental choice?” Yang asked.

The video reveals how dirty water is treated at the advanced sewage treatment station and turned into clean water for reuse.

“In 2020, 27,375 m3 of inky wastes were treated at our plant,” he added. “Our engineers run regular after-treatment tests every 4 hours to guarantee the sewage will not be discharged until it is completely clarified.”

According to Yang, the processed “black” water is clean enough to be reused again. “At Ninestar, we reuse this water in our daily life, like watering flowers and grass,” said Yang.

Ninestar Spends Millions Treating Waste Ink

China-based Ninestar says it is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and continually offering remanufactured range alternatives to customers coupled with its closed-the-loop recycling program. As sustainable manufacturing is an imperative part of Ninestar’s “going green” strategy, Ninestar ensures that the environmental policy is implemented during its production.



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