Mark Your Diary: RemaxWorld Set to Open in October in Zhuhai

Mark Your Diary: RemaxWorld Set to Open in October in Zhuhai

Mark Your Diary: RemaxWorld Set to Open in October in ZhuhaiComeXposium RT, the organiser of the largest office equipment and consumables expo in the world, has announced RemaxWold Expo will run three days from October 13 to 15, 2022.

The Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center will again host the event. While it is still unclear whether the Chinese government will reopen borders to any or all visitors from other countries, the organiser is confident it will be a well-attended event.

In previous years, the expo has attracted up to 15,000 people from more than 80 countries, but COVID-19 has prevented thousands of these visitors from attending the last two years.

“We really hope international visitors can return again this year,” said Victoria Zhao (pictured right), General Manager of ComeXposium RT (C-RT). “I urge all would-be visitors from around the world to check with their travel centres and governments to see if they can travel as we get closer to October.”

Mark Your Diary: RemaxWorld Set to Open in October in Zhuhai

Visitors from the previous expo before Covid-19

Sometimes referred to as the “Zhuhai Show”, the expo has been open every year for 16 years providing face-to-face opportunities for buyers and suppliers to meet. It has become an important platform for the release of new products and technologies along with the branding of both domestic and international office equipment and consumables companies.

In the face of the “new normal” C-RT has actively adapted to providing an “exhibition + media” event to continue building a solid relationship bridge for buyers and sellers and to empower the industry.

To this end, C-RT is also preparing a brand-new, face-to-face strategy for those who cannot attend the expo to find a supplier during the expo itself. Details will be provided in the weeks ahead but will be limited to those living in countries that cannot “physically” enter China.

During the expo, exciting activities such as industry summits, industry awards and a procurement festival will be held. Summit topics will include, but are not limited to, new technologies, new policies, innovation, e-commerce, political procurement and other industry hot topics.

The organiser will continue to monitor the progress of the epidemic and will strictly abide by the latest health and government policies.

Visitors should return to the RemaxWorld Expo official website page as updates will continue to be added as soon as new information becomes available.

Reunions are always sweet, and the organiser, suppliers and buyers collectively are looking to October 2022 as being that moment when we can all get together again.



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