HYB Dealership Expands to Angola

HYB Dealership Expands to Angola

HYB Dealership Expands to Angola

HYBHYB Dealership Expands to Angola and its distributor in South Africa are celebrating the establishment of the dealership in the Republic of Angola.

According to Mr. Maia (pictured), owner of MR. TONER in South Africa, the recovery of demand in premium quality toner has encouraged him to expand into the market.

Following the acquisition of the dealership on Mauritius island in 2020, MR. TONER recently authorized its new dealer in the Republic of Angola to resell HYB toner and remanufactured copiers.

“Mr. Maia has been a loyal supporter of HYB Toner in South Africa, with deep trust in HYB’s consistent quality. Having a dealer network that only applies OEM and HYB toner into their copiers, MR TONER Company has been growing rapidly in market share in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and now Angola,” said Kim Lee, HYB sales director.

According to Mr. Maia, the foundation of MR TONER Mauritius in 2020 has helped the local dealers to submit proposals with HYB products and won tenders. This means that HYB’s toner quality has gained great popularity in the high-end market.

”In July we are celebrating the first anniversary of the branch opened in Mauritius. The success we had in Mauritius has reached my expectation. Telling from my 20-year experience in the industry, only the companies that persist in quality will survive and grow. We have seen many new suppliers enter the market with low price, but none of them remains after few years of the price war. This is exactly why HYB is the only manufacturer I am working with in the Aftermarket. Their policy is very clear and I witnessed their continuous investment in quality and expanding their laboratories. I didn’t see anyone else who is doing the same at this scale,” said Tony Maia, owner of MR TONER.

“This is one of the examples that reflects HYB’s further achievement in the market and brand building. By July 2021, HYB’s ERP customer database has increased to 900+ cooperated importers in 105 countries. In 2019, the number was 700 importers in 77 countries,” Lee added.

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