HYB Zhuhai factory Certified

HYB Zhuhai Factory Certified

HYB Zhuhai Factory Certified

HYB Zhuhai factory CertifiedHYB claimed that its cartridge production factory in Zhuhai received renewed certification of China Environmental Labeling.

“With the certification, HYB products proved to be less harmful, more energy-saving and resource-saving than other products that without such a label. It signifies that HYB products not only satisfy regular quality standard but also meet the environment protection requirements during production, usage and disposal processes,” so says Kim Lee (pictured), Sales Director of HYB.

HYB Zhuhai factory Certified

China Environmental United Certification Center Co., Ltd. (CEC) delegates visited HYB Zhuhai factory and issued the certificate after inspected HYB materials, production process, disposal methods and other relevant items stipulated in the regulations.

CEC is a comprehensive certification body under EDC, which is part of the CEL Organization. CEL has signed a mutual recognition agreement with Australia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, North Europe, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, America, Russia, Ukraine and other eco-label groups.

HYB Zhuhai factory Certified

China Environmental Labeling (well-known as 10-Ring Labeling) is one of the most required certifications for Chinese manufacturers to supply products to tenders of different government offices. It is also a government effort to encourage enterprises in China to optimize management in line with general environmental production strategy of the government.

Dedicated to creating a better world, HYB has been taking actions such as investing high quality remanufacturing production line for spare parts of copiers, adding remanufactured copiers into the product range, developing premium quality and ECO-friendly toner in Japan.

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Tel: +86–756-857-8633

Whats App:+86 139 2690-6062
E-mail:kim@haoyinbao.com (pictured)

Website:  www.copiertonerpro.com

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