Apex’s Initial Showing at RT Imaging Expo-Americas 2016

Apex’s Initial Showing at RT Imaging Expo-Americas 2016

Apex Microelectronics CO., Ltd. (Apex) debut at the RT Imaging Summit & Expo-Americas 2016 in Cancun, Mexico from June 2nd to 3rd, with its Unismart chip resetting system and new IoT (Internet of Things) products attracted the attention of many local customers.

According to Apex, its chip resetting system is an environmentally friendly device that can reset more than 900 OEM models and 95% of Apex’s chips.

Apex also exhibited a series of new products at the RT Imaging Expo-Americas 2016, including an NFC high capacity card, fingerprint module and lock, along with other memory & storage products, which showed Apex’s ambition to enter the electronics industry. Specifically, the NFC large capacity technology of Apex received wide recognition and cooperative intentions from plenty of local clients.

In addition, Apex expressed its expectation of attending the RT Imaging Summit & Expo-Americas in 2017 as well.

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