Fake OPC Drums Being Sold in India

Fake OPC Drums Being Sold in India

Fake OPC Drums Being Sold in India

Fake OPC Drums Being Sold in IndiaLegal advice has been sought by a large Chinese-based manufacturer of OPC drums following their brand being counterfeited in India.

In a four-page statement provided to RT Media, A&G Corporation says it has taken “necessary legal measures” to “protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.”

The statement identified Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd for allegedly “selling fake OPC products using the A&G brand.”

“Our products have been widely recognized in the global market and gained a good reputation and brand awareness,” the statement read.

A&G claims it is a leader in the OPC printer and copier industry and has been continuously committed to improving product and service quality.

“We make a solemn declaration to the market: Be aware. Be careful. The OPC products being sold by Aryan Trade World Pvt Ltd using the A&G brand are not produced by our company. The packaging is not our brand packaging. Our company will not take any responsibility for any product quality problems caused by these fake products.”

A&G has a trademark for its brand registered in India.

A&G have also said they will consider using anti-counterfeiting labels on its genuine A&G products in the future. They urge anyone who has been caught out or needs additional information to contact Annie by email at sales10@agopc.cn or visit the A&G official website, or telephone: +86-20-3825-8949

Fake OPC Drums Being Sold in India

A&G’s official Indian trademark



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